Academic Rules

Code of Behaviour

The ideal of discipline at Crescent Academy is to enable students to move from externally imposed discipline to self-discipline.

The main emphasis at Crescrent Academy will be to foster wholesome behaviour and relationships in conjunction with the entire community.

The goal or "Vision" of Crescrent Academy is that students show:

Self Discipline And Positive Behaviour

Children grow and mature in a supportive environment and therefore our guidelines for conduct are designed to support, not restrict students. We hope to create an Academy that we can all be proud to attend and where there is freedom to learn and explore in a humane atmosphere. Our students are expected to conduct themselves as responsible members of the Academy community.

Behaviour is ultimately the student's responsibility. Both the school and the family share the responsibility for nurturing good behaviour. The following guidelines will attempt to provide a vehicle for co-operative effort in promoting good behaviour of our students. Classroom Rules Each teacher will establish a list of appropriate behaviour with his or her students. They will be discussed with the students, so that each and everyone understand the rules and regulations of that classroom. For example:

  1. No chewing gum
  2. One person speaks at a time.
  3. General courtesy

Responsibilities Of Students


Suspensions are made only when it is necessary to remove the student from class or Academy. In accordance with Academy Board Policies and regulations, students may be suspended for the following reasons:

Food And Drink

Students are expected to eat and drink in the Canteen only. Food and drink are not to be consumed in the classrooms or hallways. NO CHEWING GUM WILL BE TOLERATED IN THE CLASSROOM.

Personal Items

Crescrent Academy is an educational institution and students are not to bring in any personal items (i.e. toys, expensive jewellery, computer games, radios, skateboards, walkman, roller blades, cell phone, etc.) that are not directly related to their Academy work shall be ceased. All personal items should be labelled. Should clothing or other personal items get misplaced, Lost and Found boxes are positioned in each wing of the Academy. Students and parents may look through these boxes and retrieve their belongings if found after verification. All students who ride bicycles to Academy should have a secure lock.

Academy Telephone

Academy telephones are for Academy business. Students may use the phones in emergency situations only. (Arrangements for rides or going to a friend's house are NOT emergency situations.) Note: Cell phones and pagers are not allowed. A card phone has been installed in the Academy premises for the benefit of students, teachers, and staff. The cards for the phone can be purchased from any NTC outlet.

Academic Exam Rules

Crescrent Academy conducts three terminal examinations, 1st, 2nd and Sent-up. All students are required to attend all of these examinations. Any student absent in these examinations has to sit for a re-test for those missed examinations.

Other Rules:

Bus Rules

Academy Bus Rules and Regulations

Students riding on the bus must remember that they are responsible for their conduct to the bus driver and through him to the Principal of the Academy. Continued violation of any of these rules may lead to the loss of riding privileges.

Sports Rules

Rules and Regulations For Participation In Athletics And Co-Curricular Activities Participant Responsibilities

Students participating in any student body at Crescrent have certain responsibilities. Each student should always bear in mind that he/she:

  1. Must conduct him/herself in an exemplary manner in the classroom, in the school, and within the community.
  2. Must be aware of all eligibility rules and make every attempt to observe them.
  3. Must at all times recognize his/her status as a representative of Crescrent, guiding his/her actions accordingly.

Rules and Regulations for Participation

Students have a right to sign up and, if qualified, participate in extra and co-curricular activities and interscholastic sports. The student has a responsibility to maintain reasonable standards of conduct and citizenship.

Alcohol and substance abuse is a violation of a student's responsibility and threatens his/her healthy development as a young adult. Therefore, any student found to be in direct violation of said responsibility, will be subject to a sixty- (60) school days ineligibility rule.

Furthermore, this rule takes effect from the time a determination of guilt is made by the Administration and applied to any student who is currently signed up for a sport or activity or who intends to sign up within sixty school days.

Two violations within the same school year by a student will result in his/her ineligibility period of one hundred twenty (120) school days. The Principal reserves the right to extend the ineligibility period for a period exceeding the one hundred twenty (120) school days in cases of egregious behaviour, either in school or in the community.

Fees Rules

Hostel Rules

The inmates of the hostel are strictly advised to adhere to the following rules and regulations.

  1. Every student before allotment of his seat in the hostel shall give an undertaking with respect to the acceptance of rules and regulations, along with duly filled Immunization Record.
  2. Allotment of hostel seats will be for the full academic year. In case they want to leave the hostel in the middle of the academic year they shall pay the Hostel Charges for the full academic year in lump sum.
  3. No illegal drugs or firearms shall be stored and/or consumed in Hostel and on campus in general. Liquor is also prohibited in the Hostel. Smoking, chewing tobacco, consuming alcoholic drinks or any other intoxicating drugs etc. are strictly prohibited. Any inmates, if found indulging in such practices, shall be asked to vacate the hostel without any notice.
  4. Students are not allowed to cook meals in their Hostel and outside food shall not be brought into Hostel premises. No student will be allowed to carry food to the rooms.
  5. Students are not allowed to entertain a member of the opposite sex in a hostel room, whether the visitor is from outside college or a member of the College. Visitation is allowed till the reception only.
  6. Students are not allowed to entertain guests/parents in their rooms. No visitors of any description are allowed to spend a night in student hostels except college official visitors for whom prior permission from the Warden has been granted.
  7. Students are not allowed to stay in residence during vacations except those required, as part of the academic program, to carry or take part in specific tasks approved first by the relevant Co-ordinator and the Principal. Those students allowed to remain in residence are required to pay for board and lodging and to observe the same rules as during the normal working days.
  8. Food, crockery, glasses, cutlery, etc., belonging to Hostel should not be taken out of the dining hall except where prior permission has been obtained.
  9. No student should enter the kitchen or give instructions to the cooks or other servants, complaints regarding food, service etc if any, may be brought to the notice of the Warden.
  10. No student is allowed to bring any kind of eatables in the dining hall except with the prior permission of the Warden.
  11. Hostel staff will be responsible for taking food to sick students who are bed ridden in Hostel. The Nurse needs to certify such permission
  12. The Hostel will not provide meals to student's visitor, unless prior permission and booking for a meal has been granted. Any student who books a meal will be charged for it even if the visitor fails to turn up for the meal.
  13. The Principal reserves the right to issue Transfer Certificate to any student at any time in the course of the academic year, thereby compelling the student to leave the Academy for reasons of indiscipline, lack of progress in studies, non-payment of fees to the Academy or illness considered to be contagious or affecting other students or any other reason which the Principal may consider to be detrimental to the interest of the Academy if the student is allowed to continue. Under such circumstances the student automatically forfeits the right to stay in the Hostel i.e. if a Hosteller is suspended or dismissed from the Academy, he/she is also removed from the hostel forthwith accordingly.
  14. Any student who leaves the Academy Hostel without the permission of the warden before completing the course will not be issued Transfer Certificate and Conduct Certificate, but on sufficient reasons being given, the Principal, at his discretion, may issue them both.
  15. As a student of the prestigious and respectable institution of Crescrent Academy, all hostellers are expected to maintain highest decorum in their dress and behaviour both in and outside the campus.
  16. Academy always wants to uphold character and self-discipline of the students / hostellers since they are the basic requisites expected of our students.
  17. The students are not permitted to change the rooms. The management reserves the right to re-allot or change his room without assigning any reason.
  18. Students, if permitted, can go to the city only once a week. The students when permitted to go to the city should return to the hostel before 06.30 P.M.
  19. Hostel gates will be closed at 9.00 P.M. and no entry shall be allowed unless prior permission was allowed.
  20. Parents/Guardian are allowed to meet their child/ward only on Saturdays between 08.00 A.M. and 06.00 P.M.
  21. However, if occasion demands, parents will be allowed to meet their child /ward during daytime, on week day with specific permission of the Principal.
  22. The Hostellers should take care of their belongings. The institution will not be responsible for any loss of property due to their negligence. Inmates shall not keep money or other valuable items in their rooms. However they can hand over such items to the warden for safe custody.
  23. Students of other institutes will not enter hostel premises during Academy hours / working days / holidays. If so found, the occupant of the room will be heavily fined / suspended at the discretion of the Principal / Warden / Management.
  24. Daily routine is to be followed as per the following programme.
  25. Wake UPPhysical ExercisesRefreshingTeaMorning ClassBreakfastSchool TimingSnacksDay Boarding ClassRestStudyDinnerStudyLight off
    5:00AM 5:15AM to 6:15AM 6:15Am to 7:00AM 7:00AM to 7:30AM 7:30AM to 8:45AM 8:45AM to 9:15AM 9:15AM to 3:15PM 3:30PM to 3:40PM 3:45PM to 5:00PM 5:00PM to 6:15PM 6:15PM to 8:00 PM 8:00PM to 8:30 PM 8:35PM to 9:45PM 10:00PM
  26. Hostellers, at the time of leaving the room should ensure, that the fans and lights are switched off.
  27. Students are expected to keep their rooms clean and neat. Pasting pictures and/or writing on the painted walls are prohibited. Undesirable reading materials, indecent pictures shall not be found in possession of the Students
  28. Periodical / surprise inspection of the rooms will be done by the Academy authorities. If any Student is found violating the rule, he will be subjected to disciplinary action including removal from the rolls of the Academy.
  29. Ragging of any kind is prohibited. It is an offence by law. Any activity of the inmates observed to be prejudicial and detrimental to the smooth and peaceful functioning of the hostel will be viewed seriously by the management and disciplinary action will be taken against those found guilty.
  30. When a student goes out of the hostel for his home for more than three days he should hand over the room key to the hostel in-charge and get the exit slip.
  31. If the student fails to hand over the key and goes out of the campus without getting permission, his room will be opened by the hostel in-charge in the presence of another student or witness, with the duplicate key and another lock will be put to the room. Disciplinary action will also be taken against the student.
  32. During class hours no student shall stay in the hostel without the permission of the hostel in-charge / warden.
  33. The mess timings / rules and dress regulations must be strictly followed. If not, they will not be allowed to take their food. The timing will be announced in the Hostel Notice Board.
  34. Silence is to be maintained in the Hostel. Inmates shall take care to keep silence in the hostel premises especially during the study hours.
  35. Heavy electrical appliances should not be used without permission. Misuse of electricity, water and other facilities will be liable for penalty.
  36. Each room is equipped with all basic comforts. The student is instructed to handle the furniture and other installations with care. If there is breakage or damage, the student is liable to pay double the cost of the material damaged with installation charges.
  37. Collective fines will be imposed on the students of the concerned wing if damage is caused to the installations in the common bathrooms, toilets, recreation rooms, etc. Hostel rooms and toilets must be kept clean and tidy. Photographs, pictures etc. shall not be pasted or displayed on the walls of the room.
  38. Inmates shall not conduct group meeting, circulate books, pamphlets and papers and conduct parties or get-together inside the hostel premises. The students are prohibited from:
    • Unlawful assembly inside the hostel or the Academy;
    • Forming any union;
    • Collecting funds;
    • Making any notification on the hostel notice board; and
    • Directly or indirectly taking part in any social or political gatherings.
  39. The hostel shall remain closed if Academy is on holiday for more than three days.
  40. No rebate of any kind will be allowed for any absences or late coming. A student leaving the Hostel before the end of the month or joining late has to pay the full month's charges.
  41. No visitor or parents are allowed to enter the hostel rooms. Inmates shall not entertain any beggars, vendors or any other persons inside the hostel premises.
  42. Students shall report to the warden immediately after classes and at 7:30 P.M. everyday.
  43. Inmates shall be allowed to attend phone calls between 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM. The telephonic conversation is restricted to 3 minutes in order to facilitate all inmates who want to make use of this facility.
  44. Inmates shall go to bed as per the timetable. Table lamps can be used for their late night studies.
  45. Payment of hostel fees beyond the stipulated date will be liable for fine @ Rs 5 per day ultimate expulsion from the Hostel if the dues are not cleared within a month.
  46. Students, while going out, shall enter in the register the time of leaving, purpose and proposed time of return. While returning they shall also enter the time of return in the same register.
  47. The hostel caution deposit is refunded to the inmates only after the completion of the whole course of study.
  48. Any breach of the above routine by the inmates may result in their, being deprived of the privilege of occupying the room besides rendering themselves liable to pay such damages, as may be claimed by the authorities.

Library Rules