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Welcome to Crescent!

Crescent Academy English School was established in 1997. It is a successful school that is always looking forward to improve. We have an inclusive 'can do' attitude which supports all young people in achieving their ambitions. Academic success is important for us to acknowledge that schools are about more than excellent examination results. Whilst we want our children to succeed, we also want them to be happy, to thrive, to enjoy coming to school and to participate fully in all that we have to offer, both in lessons and in the wider curriculum. Our school develops, in partnership with parents, rounded, responsible, caring young adults who contribute to the society that they live in.


  1. Prepare students to be able to win in each and every situation in life.
  2. Student based and life oriented education to make them creative and genius.
  3. The overall (mental, physical, emotional, social, moral etc.) development of individuals.


Our aim is to provide a high quality education by caring professional teachers who will help every child to maximize their potential, so they are equipped for life after school, in further education, training and the work place. We will go the extra mile to ensure your child has a happy and successful time at Crescent, guided by high standards of discipline, behaviour and respect for other people. We are striving to create an environment in which all students positively want to attend school every day - and take maximum advantage of the many exciting opportunities available.

Lots of fun and exciting things to do.....

In addition to offering a broad and balanced curriculum, Crescent provides an extensive ‘Out of Hours Learning’ programme of activities. Many staff from a diverse range of curriculum areas give up their time to provide these opportunities for pupils. We encourage all students to become involved in the wide range of opportunities available.

Extra activities

We provide following activities by TRAINED, SKILLED and PROFESSIONAL teachers: • Dance • Music • Art • Scout • Martial Art • Games

Extra support where needed

At Crescent Academy we strive to be an inclusive school for all our students. SKATE is Crescent Academy’s Competency Curriculum. All pupils are taught thinking and study skills through SKATE. SKATE stands for: Skills, Knowledge and Attributes of learning Taught through Experiences. It is a curriculum focused upon learning skills and the application of those in many different learning environments, enabling pupils to engage fully with their learning. The SKATE curriculum allows pupils to take risks, to celebrate success and to manage and learn from disappointments. They are also learning how to become independent and reflective students, which are skills demanded by examination subjects, Universities and employers.

Great place to continue education.

We are especially proud of our excellent record of students progressing on to Colleges. We strive to ensure that students are following courses which are right for them and support progression into their chosen careers. Students regularly review their progress and devise improvement plans to ensure that they achieve the grades required to enable them.